V/A "Denton Denton USA" (LP)

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Somewhere deep in a remote uninhabitable region of the state of Texas, stands the Play Pinball! Labs. In this secret location known only to a few in the outside world, top researchers in punk, hardcore, and rock and roll experiment night and day with the sound of rock and Shiner bock, working hard to bring you the finest discoveries and mutations of the music you love. While conducting field research at increasingly rare house shows, our technicians have been gathering samples from these seemingly mongoloid mutations.

Initial reports from the field bring back songs from THE WAX MUSEUMS, BAD SPORTS, and THE UPTOWN BUMS. Further investigation into the burial grounds of the upper Hickory region we've discovered bones of a heavier past, CHIEF DEATH RAGE, THE PUMPERS, and THE SECRET BANGS. Recent sightings of WICCANS, VIDEO, and BLEACH BOYS seem to prove many of our scientist's theories of mutation correct! Bands are inbreeding and creating monsters more ugly than previously thought! Seen from high above in a distant ivory tower, we've observed FERGUS AND GERONIMO digging up the punk and soul of old, while feasting on the blood of the FUNGI GIRLS, leaving TEENAGE COOL KIDS to beg for scraps, vegans my foot! These mutations reach monstrous levels nearing the end of this record--but it's too terrifying to mention here!

But getting down to business, Denton Denton USA! has been compiled to bring you the best our fair city has to offer in Rock and Roll. From pop numbers by The Uptown Bums, Teenage Bees, Fergus and Geronimo and Teenage Cool Kids, to Hard Rock slayers by Chief Death Rage, Video and the Secret Bangs, plus favourites you couldn't forget from bands like The Wax Museums and Bad Sports. Don't duck out early, because there's a special track we here at Play Pinball! Records put together with help from a cast of characters sure to make you flip (the record, over and over again).

Teenage Cool Kids - Slave/Master
The Uptown Bums - Throw Your Money Away
The Pumpers - Shut Down
Wiccans - Endgame
Chief Death Rage - Riff Craft
The Secret Bangs - Violent Love
The Wax Museums - Billy's Room
The Influence - Rambunctious Nosferatu
Bad Sports - Your Timin' Just Ain't Right
Fergus and Geronimo - I May Be Poor
Fungi Girls - Thanks For Following
Video - Bookstore
Bleach Boys - Lazer Jam
The Teenage Bees - I'm So Down
????????????????? - ???????????!

100 copies on Lone Star State blue vinyl, 400 on Black.
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by Video
Fungi Girls
The Pumpers
Chief Death Rage
Teenage Bees
Bad Sports
Fergus And Geronimo
Secret Bangs
The Influence
Bleach Boys
Teenage Cool Kids
The Uptown Bums
and The Wax Museums